Leveraging Wirkn for Agile Hiring: The Inside Story





  • Frontline hiring: Focus group 

    Part 1:  Attracting candidates (video) Synopsis In today’s rapidly evolving job market, understanding young job seekers’ perspectives is more important than ever. Wirkn is excited to present an insightful two-minute video featuring eight Gen Y and Z candidates discussing their experiences navigating today’s job landscape.  This video, an outtake from a focus group conducted in…

  • First Impressions Matter: An Imperative for Attracting and Retaining Hourly Employees

    Having processed millions of applications for hourly jobs, Wirkn has a unique understanding of the employment market that has led us to a crucial conclusion: the candidate experience is paramount. It determines the quantity and quality of applicants and significantly influences their long-term engagement and retention in the workplace. The candidate experience is the “front…

  • Leveraging Wirkn for Agile Hiring: The Inside Story

    In today’s labor market, the battle for talent has never been fiercer. As summer approaches, the scramble for hires, particularly among the younger demographic seeking internships, becomes increasingly competitive. We, at Wirkn, faced this same challenge as we sought to recruit our Summer 2023 team of brand ambassadors. And so, we turned to our own…

  • New and Improved Wirkn to Accelerate Hourly Hiring

    Wirkn doubles down on thesis that all hourly hiring is truly local and mobile-first Hourly recruitment is vastly different from corporate hiring: It is more decentralized, informal, local, seasonal, and transactional. Wirkn’s latest 3.0 release builds upon these differences to accelerate and improve retail, restaurant, mall, hospitality, and franchise hiring right in your neighborhood. Making…

  • Wirkn launches mobile companion for all hiring managers

    Wirkn for Employers is available for download now! Wirkn, the leading mobile-first hiring platform, announced today the launch of its new Mobile Companion app for hiring managers. The app is designed to streamline the hiring process and make it easier for managers to find, interview and hire candidates directly from their mobile device. With the…

  • Frontline Recruiting Platform Brings in New Management Team, New Funding, New Focus

    Montreal-based Wirkn specializes in recruiting high-volume frontline workers Wirkn has found that high-volume employers want less of a marketplace and more of a dedicated SaaS solution that optimizes, personalizes, and streamlines hiring experience for both candidates, and hiring managers. Providing increased productivity to the recruiting process is becoming more critical as companies are forced to…

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